Blog 17

How’s it going? What issues are you coming across? What troubles are you having? What are you changing? What techniques/strategies are you using? Blog openly!

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Blog 16

How’s it going? What issues are you coming across? What troubles are you having? What are you changing? What techniques/strategies are you using? Blog openly!

Everything’s good so far, but my only problem is not having enough time, especially with finals right around the corner. I’m going to do composition 1 and 3 instead. No special techniques are being used.

Blog 15

my revision plans are to wisely choose a composition to revise and try my best to get it done. Now that finals are approaching, it will be kind of difficult for me to handle everything at once. I have to find time to prioritize and actually finish what I start.

Blog 14

The composition I’m revising for the portfolio are composition 1 and 3. I picked them because they are amazing and I had a great time doing each. It will also give me a chance to improve and make them way better.

Blog 13

What new research are you finding in this form? What of the old research isn’t working? Why isn’t it? If the research is changing, why is that? What is your thought process as a composer in a different medium finding support?

I haven’t found any new research, I am going to use the ones I already have . All my researches are working as of now because each are important to my central claim. My thought process is to just compose my paper accurately and make sense of what I’m saying. My game plan  for this paper is to put myself in the show of the reader and see whether I can persuade myself.

Blog 12

I am not making any major shifts right now, my composition still surfaces around the idea of planned parenthood being a good health system for women. I’ll just do researches on what planned parenthood does and go from there. No difficulties right now, because I only have my blueprint, I haven’t started building . So far, everything is easy. I’ll try to visit the CWE for this essay because I need a good grade. Im finding efficient resources and I’m in a really good place right now.

Blog 11

What is your argument in Composition 4, which is in written form? Who is your audience? How is that different from Composition 3? How is the meaning, message, argument shifting?

My arguement for composition 4 is that planned parenthood should not be refunded by the government because it offers way more than abortions. My audience are the people who are voting, because I want to bring awareness oh who they are voting for. It is different than composition three because this is the written reasons and facts about the goodness of planned parenthood, whereas composition 3 was just testimonies of people who have gone to planned parenthood. My arguement isn’t really shifting, it has and always will be to stand with planned parenthood.

Blog 9

What is your biggest concern with your composition? What troubles are you having? What isn’t working? What do you feel is lacking? Are you feeling frustrated, stressed, etc.? Why?

My biggest concern is you not liking my composition. I’m having trouble starting my composition because I feel like I don’t have enough time to do it. The only thing lacking is substantial resources to prove my point. I am 100% stressed, but that’s normal

Blog 8

For this composition, I plan on doing a testimonial video of people who have benefited from planned parenthood; this can either be a slideshow of comments from the internet, or people actually speaking about benefits they received. I also plan on doing a speech. I feel like this is the best choice because I won’t only be doing research, I will convince my audience by showing hands on proof. My only limitation is getting my ideas together. The last thing I want is to sound like I’m not sure about what I’m doing.

Blog 7

What research have you found? List at least 3 sources you have found in proper MLA citation style (also, give links if it is online or attach the image, video, etc., if possible). What is each source about? Why is it important? Why did you pick this source? How does it relate to your topic? How can you use it 
to support your claim?
I have decided to do the topic on whether or not planned parenthood should be defunded because I think its very interesting. I haven’t narrowed down my citations because there’s too much to chose from. If I’m going to be honest, while doing the research I’ve learned so much about this topic. Way more than I knew before researching. I’m still looking for a solid source